Bicycle Appeal

Bicycle appeal oshede donate a bike

Oshede is an online empowerment & support initiative to help people in developing regions with assistance towards paying for post-secondary education or with financial assistance and advice towards developing a sustainable income using a micro-enterprise.
Recently we have launched a Bicycle Appeal, designed to help us raise funds for our programmes. It's really simple! All you have to do is contact us if you have a bicycle that you do not use (whether it's in working order or not) or which you wish to donate to our cause!

Bicycle appeal. Oshede. Donate a bike

We'll collect it from your home, repair and sell it to raise funds for our campaign. A typical bicycle donation can raise between £20 and £50 after repair expenses. This is money that can be used to make an important intervention in someone's life!

Please support our cause to help young people in developing regions obtain a quality education, or start micro-enterprises.

Help us provide funding to young people looking for assistance financing a course. Your Donations will help support hundreds of people who are unable to complete their education. It will also contribute to young people who want to start a micro-enterprise

But why does it matter?

Our projects matter because young people tend to be the most affected demographic in countries with weak governance or weak institutions. This can create unintended consequences such as unsustainable levels of unemployment - which has far reaching effects.

Bicycle appeal. Oshede. Donate a bike

Oshede can help address this by helping young people get a vocation beyond their primary and secondary-level qualifications. Research shows that this is important because it can help people get a better job with which to gain financial independence - something they would otherwise not be able to do without the post-secondary training.

Unlike the case in most western countries, post-secondary education is not free in most parts of the developing world, and you cannot get a grant or any form of help to cover all expenses incurred during a training course such as mechanical engineering, brick-laying, IT or plumbing. And because of the fees charged for such courses, most young people who wish to take them cannot afford to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our initiative and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will support our initiative, and share the contents of this page with your friends and family. For other ways to support us, please click here.

For our Corporate Partnership Program please click here. Alternatively, to donate an amount greater than any of the above, please click here.
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