Many Young people in the third world struggle to access capital because they do not have collateral, they do not have access to seasoned business advice/assistance (to help with things like writing credible business plans and identifying niches) and because they lack the social and political connections to access moneyed folk. 

Unlike most western economies where there is plenty of help available, unfortunately, due to a long list of complicated reasons many of these people (as capable as they may be) cannot start a micro-enterprise, business or cannot complete their undergraduate studies nor pay for higher education. 

Oshede is a social enterprise whose aim is to rectify some of these structural inequalities by utilizing what is known as direct capital and providing business advice to assist some of these people, do that they can achieve their ambitions. Ideally such interventions should be government-led, but this is not always possible for all sorts of reasons, including the inavailability of sufficient funding.

Our goal is to empower. 

Our aim is to get to a position where we are helping at least 1000 people across Africa every year to pay for their studies or buy an enabling or transformational piece of equipment for their micro businesses. 

In terms of accountability and transparency, once fully launched any donor will have access to a list of public donations and payments to recipients. 

We fund our services via a corporate partnership program, by advertising revenues and through subscriptions. The partnership program is separate from the contributions funding we raise, as it also enables sponsorship of our activities. Please refer to the FAQs section of our website for more information.

Written by

oshede staff

Oshede is an empowerment initiative to help people in developing regions with assistance towards post-secondary education / developing a sustainable income via a micro-enterprise.