Barnett Kanyenda, whose business plan on an Integrated Livestock and Fish Farming business was most impressive to be selected by the judging panel following the dual blind marking system as the most thorough and most deserving of the first prize.

Barnett Kanyenda

And Pempho Mwale, whose business plan for a Special Effects Makeup(SFX) Studio was deemed to be practical, feasible and scalable to be selected for the second prize.

Pempho Mwale

Many Congratulations to these two! Well done, but now the hard work truly begins.

Unfortunately the other entries to our challenge did not meet the basic entry standards. All the other entries were deemed far beneath par to be selected for a third prize, which for the 2020 inaugural year, has been reserved and not awarded. The reasoning behind this action is to ensure that there are high quality standards in the submissions to our challenge, and encourage study and learning among prospective applicants, on what an investable Business Plan should look like.

The dates for entry to the 2021 Oshede Entrepreneurship Challenge will be announced on this blog in due course.

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Oshede is an empowerment initiative to help people in developing regions with assistance towards post-secondary education / developing a sustainable income via a micro-enterprise.