Each market research survey strives to obtain results that are a good indication of the views of the target demographic. This is often the whole point of undertaking the market research, whether it be to find out what consumers think of a certain product, or to find out people’s views regarding certain subjects. However, due to some failings, sometimes the results obtained are not an accurate representation of society.

For representatives results which are reflective of society, consider interviewing people not only in the streets, but also in the following locations:

  1. Outside nursery schools
  2. In entertainment venues (bars, restaurants)
  3. In affluent neighbourhoods.
  4. In deprived neighbourhoods.
  5. In the marketplace
  6. In Parks or relaxation spaces.
  7. In a University cafe.
  8. In a shopping centre.
  9. At a launderette.
  10. At a university staff room.
  11. Outside the city’s City Hall.
  12. Adjacent upmarket boutiques
  13. At a hairdresser/ barbers.
  14. Outside a hospital.
  15. Inside a private members club.
  16. At a golf resort.
  17. At an airport bar.
  18. At a leisure centre/ sports complex.

Written by

oshede staff

Oshede is an empowerment initiative to help people in developing regions with assistance towards post-secondary education / developing a sustainable income via a micro-enterprise.