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Introducing News Oshede

Caroline Zamaere-Msoni joins Oshede

[Manchester, 26th July 2022.] Oshede is pleased to announce that Mrs Caroline Zamaere-Msoni has joined our leadership team. This marks an important step in the growth of our Social Enterprise, and will bring on board much valuable expertise, local connections and legal knowledge to our team. It also gives us a reference point for current …

Market research

Representative Market Research

Each market research survey strives to obtain results that are a good indication of the views of the target demographic. This is often the whole point of undertaking the market research, whether it be to find out what consumers think of a certain product, or to find out people’s views regarding certain subjects. However, due …


When Leaders Don’t Listen

It’s great to work with a leader who knows a lot. It’s absolutely terrible to work for a leader who knows it all.  I want you to pay particular to the wording of those two sentences. When a leader knows a lot they work WITH their people to create an environment of growth and success. …